Thursday, 14 July 2011

OLW 62 - Make it personal

I haven't played with the OLW crowd for a while and it's about time I did!  Susan's OLW challenge #62 is to make it personal - my kind of crafting as mentioned here and I really needed to make this (read more below).

I like OLW challenges because of the focus on simplicity and design, CAS-style.  There are no prices or badges or anything like that.  The community is great and friendly and truly talented; not that I'm saying I am. :-)  Plenty of pure CAS inspiration there, let me tell ya.

'Nuff prologue, here's my card:

All products from Stampin Up.

Stamps: Bring on the Cake, A Slice of life
ink: Basic Black
various markers

This is my 2nd attempt and design - 1st one obviously failed (ha ha).  I had a few other design themes in mind but this one is okay so will go with it.  I decided not to go OC about the colouring and lining up as it looks more handmade and less contrived....more fun, in a way, too.

The personal bit - this card is for my younger brother whose birthday is on next week.  It is rather cheeky to tease him about the number of candles because I certainly have 1 more than him this year, and every year for that matter (if cheeky is your thing, you might care to check out another of my challenge-entry cards here).  Because it is for my brother, I restrained myself from putting on some sparklies (dang).



  1. Excellent card, Malyn!! I love all the candles...and I have a sister I could certainly send that too! LOL!! My Card

  2. What a great idea with the SIL was 50 recently and that would have been a great idea for her card, hehe:) Thanks for the inspiration :0
    Jenny x


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