IT Tips

HTML tips:

Most blogging platforms allow commenters to use some basic HTML tags (stuff between the < >). Just copy given html code below and change the coloured texts.

Include a hyperlink - a crumb trail to make it easy for others to visit you. Make sure you have the URL between quotation marks (").

<a href="">Malyn at ThinkInkCreative</a>

red - your URL
aqua - text you want to display

You can also do some basic formatting, such as bold and italics.

<b>bold text</b>
<i>italic text</i>

Blogger tips:

More ways to view blogs
From how-about-orange, I found out that you can offer alternative views of your blogger site.  For example, typing in /view/flipcard at the end of your URL gives a view like this:

If you hover over a thumbnail, it flips over to show you post details.
Click on a thumbnail to view the post.

You can change this view further by clicking on date, label and author tabs accordingly.  I think this is a great way to navigate especially to old posts, much better than archives.The author tab is really useful for collaborative blogs where there are many bloggers sharing a site.  

Change from flipcard to mosaic to photos, etc. by clicking on the DropDown box on the top right.

This is a fantastic way to view craft blogs which are full of photos.

TIP: Make sure the first photo on your post is the one you want to show.