Saturday, 5 March 2011

OLW 43 - Shimmer

Susan is hosting OLW 43 with the challenge of creating an OLC with shimmer - no glitter or bling. I opted for Twinkling H2Os, having just dug them out for my PDCC70 entry last week.

This time, I'm using various shades of pink and green. I decided to create two at a time - a crafter friend said it's a time-efficient way of doing it. True enough and also, you've got one at the ready should you make mistakes. :-)

Here are the two, slightly different. I embossed the card (Cuttlebug) and painted on with Twinkling H2Os. The embossing already has a water-colour effect to it. As such, my colouring is also watercolour-y - almost wet on wet. I even painted on a shimmery 'ribbon'...just for fun.

colours used: Chiffon pink, Blushing rose, Lemongrass, Irish mist, Solar gold

I positioned the 'ribbon' for this one slightly higher than the other and chopped off the rest of the card. It just didn't look balanced with so much white space at the bottom.

I considered painting the background a bit of blue but, obviously, decided not to. Doing OLC challenges is making me appreciate the beauty of untouched and deliberate white space.

I've added a couple of close-ups in the hope of showing the shimmer. Shimmer really doesn't photograph well, especially on a grey day like today. Actually, the shimmery colours here are helping brighten my day.

Anyway, which one is better of the 2: cropped or not cropped.


  1. This is soooo pwetty!! :)Like the one with the cropped side better. As you said, balances out well. Beautiful!

  2. Malyn, I think both cards are beautiful, but I think I like the uncropped one just a bit more! Well done! Thanks for sharing,

  3. This card is sooooo pretty. Gee!

  4. This is the prettiest painted embossing I have seen! I'll have to try it again.

  5. I really liked your card. What a clever idea. I need to try it. TFS


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